Chabad House Jewish Student Center Programs



Shabbat Services and Dinners

“ I’ll never forget Shabbat at Chabad”

Every Friday night is cause for celebration when you join the crowd at Chabad House for services, a full course home cooked dinner, singing, and lots of fun.  Shabbat at Chabad provides you with an island of peace and security and warm feelings of family and Jewish identity.  All of this in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. 

Friday night at Chabad is the time and place to meet new people. Saturday mornings services are more intimate and are followed by a delicious lunch, singing and stimulating discussions.


Jewish Holidays

“Nothing compares to Chabad’s celebration on Simchat Torah!  The singing and dancing instilled a sense of happiness that was just incredible.”

You may be far from home, but Chabad House makes sure the Jewish Holidays stay near and dear.

On Yom Kippur, there are services with an easy to follow format.  On Sukkot, you’ll get a chance to eat under the stars in our huge Sukkah.  On Simchat Torah you can join in spirited singing and dancing with the Torahs.  On Chanukah you can munch on latkes and enjoy a Gala Menorah Lighting ceremony.  On Purim you’ll feel the excitement at our huge Purim carnival.  When campus is open during Rosh Hashanah or Passover, we’ll be here for you.  And if you can’t go home for the holidays when the dorms are closed, we will help you make arrangements for meals and services.

The Library

Chabad House boasts a well stocked, user-friendly library of Jewish books, audio and video tapes.  Whether you’re doing research for a class or pursuing your own interest, you’ll find books on a wide variety of subjects at your fingertips.  The library is also a good place to do homework, study for exams, or just find quiet and solitude.

Want To Get More Involved?

Do you like to write, draw, or cook?  Do you have a flair for graphic design or photography?  Do you enjoy organizing events?  Chabad House needs you!

We need volunteers to help in the kitchen with pre-Shabbat preparations.  We need help with mailings and publicity.  We need writers, artists, and photographers, and we need lots of help with ideas for innovative programming to better serve you

  • Shabbat Services and Dinners
  • Festival Services and Meals
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Counseling and Crisis Intervention
  • Support Groups
  • Lectures and Classes on Contemporary Jewish Topics and Social Issues
  • Jewish Library and Resource Center and Ritual Objects


 Lectures, Workshops, Forums, Special Shabbatons and Events

“The special programs were inspiring and thought provoking....a welcome complement to my academic classes.”

Every semester we bring you diverse, challenging, and entertaining programming.  Sample lecture topics include:

  • Jewish Medical Ethics
  • Dealing with Interdating
  • Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
  • The Jewish View on Love and Marriage

Chabad House prides itself on bringing you the most knowledgeable personalities in Jewish life—all to enrich your Jewish experience.  In addition, our hands on workshops give you the opportunity to learn about the holidays, make your own Mezuzah cover, braid your own Challah and watch a Shofar being made and so much more.


Pastoral Assistance, Crises Intervention and Counseling

“I really needed moral support during my family crisis ... It’s nice to know that there are such caring people at the Chabad House.”

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in need, but if ever you have a problem, please do not hesitate to call Chabad House.  We have helped students deal with sickness or death in the family, broken relationships, failing grades, alcohol and chemical abuse and a host of other difficult situations.

Problems large and small are a part of the human condition. Chabad House can help you cope, resolve, and recover.


Bar-Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Chabad House sponsors a number of annual events. Chief among them is our Gala Bar and Bas Mitzvah celebrations for students who have never had the opportunity to celebrate there Bar or  Bas Mitzvah. 


Social Events

Chabad Hosue sponsors special events such as falafel and movie nights, concerts, comedy shows, jam sessions, trips to New York City, and more ... Every Chabad event, be it Shabbat dinner, Sukkah building and decorating or Hamantash baking is great fun and a wonderful way to make friends.